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HELVIE KNIVES announces the introduction of the latest WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series Knives ~ the GREEN HORNET and GREEN HORNET 2 pictured above.

The GREEN HORNET has a snaking horizontal “S” blade shape an inch and half long (half inch extended tang and an inch scimitar slicing blade one eighth inch wide).  The GREEN HORNET 2 has an inch and three quarters long blade (three quarters inch extended tang and an inch extreme scimitar slicing blade one eighth inch wide).  The purpose of the extended tang is to extend the business end or the slicing cutting edge portion to enhance the maneuverability of the slicing action.  Having the cutting edge extended away from the handle moves the fulcrum point in the physics principle of the lever to facilitate a versatile slicing action.  The scimitar blade shape has the back edge mirroring the cutting-edge curve in both knives.  The curvature of the cutting edge from its tip to the heel where it meets the extended tang allows for a slicing action to occur all along any point of the cutting edge in either a pushing or pulling slicing action.

IMG_1992 IMG_2008IMG_2009

Both knives work together in the two carving projects pictured above.  The man walking with a crooked cane is a raised relief style carving and the Gandalf wizard is carved in the round to illustrate the versatility of these two knives carving each project.  The GREEN HORNET 2 was used to do most of the initial shaping in the roughing out process as well as some of the detail carving.  The GREEN HORNET was used for more of the final detail and precise carving slices.  Both knives are used with a push and pull slicing action as the blade is maneuvered throughout the carving process.  The extreme scimitar shape of GREEN HORNET 2 allows for it to be used in reaching into very narrow and hard to reach areas for precise shaping as well as for making the larger slicing cuts to remove larger chips.  The photos below show GREEN HORNET 2 reaching into those hard to reach areas.

IMG_1990                         IMG_2005        IMG_2006                               IMG_2007

The GREEN HORNET blade shapes were developed over a period of time experimenting with functional and versatile blade shapes in what the WOOD BEE CARVER calls “Other Knives” that have been made by reshaping old pocket knives blades and blade stock.  The photos below show the prototype Green Hornet knives in a vertical position with the “Other Knives” prototypes to the right in a horizontal row.


The next two photos below are a comparative study.  The first compares the GREEN HORNET prototype with two other scimitar blade shapes of the VIPER II on top and DRAGON II on bottom with the GREEN HORNET prototype in the middle. The second photo shows the GREEN HORNET prototype on the bottom [green handle] the GREEN HORNET 2 prototype [multi-colored handle] in the middle and the GREEN HORNET 2 blade pattern at the top.


The GREEN HORNET and GREEN HORNET 2 may be ordered from HELVIE KNIVES by calling 765-675-8811.


THANKS to Rich, Holli and Skylar of HELVIE KNIVES for making wonderful carving knives and servicing the carving public.  They are very generous in their various fund raisers and donations of their knives.

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