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GREEN HORNET Signature Series knives designed by the WOOD BEE CARVER and made by HELVIE KNIVES were tested again with two new carving projects.  This is a continuation of the previous posting about the introduction of the GREEN HORNET KNIVES.

The first carving project pictured above is of a six-inch-tall by an inch and half square basswood block of a Gambler of the Western theme.  With the second project being a three-inch-tall by an inch square basswood block of a  Half Pint Wizard carrying a lantern.  Both carving projects were carved with both of the GREEN HORNET Knives to illustrate the versatility of these knives in the carving process.

IMG_2022                    IMG_2023

Pictured above is the beginning shaping of the hat and head of the Gambler as the first step in the carving process.  Note the horizontal lines drawn around the block to illustrate the Rule of Three of body proportions ~ Shoulder to Waistline; Waistline to Mid Knees; Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet.  The photos below show the back and profile of the completed carving.

IMG_2025                    IMG_2026

GREEN HORNET Knives may be ordered from HELVIE KNIVES 765-675-8811.


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