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A new carving project is always a challenge (challenge is a teacher of unknown lessons) that opens the door of learning new lessons in the carving process.

The occasion for choosing this project was a grand daughter’s fourteenth birthday who had requested gifts relating to her favorite hockey player, Morgan Geekie of the Seattle Krakens. So, what is a Grandpa to do other than do a carving that depicts Geekie. The first photos are of the completed carving show Geekie in his hockey uniform and team’s colors.



The second series of photos are of the carving in progressive stages.  The process began with searching for photos of the subject and then a pencil drawing of the front and profile view of the subject was made for visual guidance.  A six-inch-tall by inch and half square basswood block is positioned in front of the study photos.  The first stage in any carving project is to carve the basic form of the subject.  Knives were used in the carving process as seen in the photo of a basic form of the figure surrounded by an array of knives that may be used in such a project. The details are carved once the basic form is established.  The Kraken insignia, Geekie’s name and number were wood burned in preparation for the final painting process which used the study photos for guidance.  The end result is an interpretative representation of Morgan Geekie (Grand Daughter Approved).




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