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Carvers are commissioned to carve various subjects that offer a challenge to grow in the carving experience.  Every carving project is a learning experience of trying new and different subjects.  Recently a friend gave a commission to carve “game pieces” for a board game in the genre of “Monopoly” but in this case is a drug intervention and instructional game for youth.

The six game pieces requested included a judge, lawyer, counselor, policeman, sheriff, and the accused.  Each was to be carved out of a three quarter inch square by and inch and half tall block of basswood and thusly “miniature” size. (click on each photo to enlarge)

Without getting too detailed, each game piece was carved to the basic silhouette image.  The finish is an application of Deft lacquer leaving the natural color of basswood to have all silhouetted images look alike without distinguished features other than the carved form.  Each face has a blank expression of only angles and planes without details.  Characteristic motifs give clues as to what each game piece represents.  The judge is wearing a robe and holding a gavel. The lawyer is wearing a suit and tie and carrying a brief case.  The counselor is wearing a suit and tie and holding a book. The policeman is distinguished by his hat as well as the sheriff by his style of hat.  The accused is distinguished by his poster with head looking down and hands clasped behind his back perhaps in hand cuffs.  Silhouetted figures invite imagination to fill in the blank spaces of the lack of distinguishing details.  Carvings should always invoke imagination to tell the rest of the story that the carved subject begins.

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