FULL MOON ~ Simple Beauty in Art

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                                                     Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski FULL MOON

Art and music are the universal language spoken without words and yet understood with a sense of wonder and needs no interpretation.  Such was the case when the WOOD BEE CARVER first viewed a photograph of a bas relief carving entitled “FULL MOON” and carved by an artist from Poland, Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski. Click on his name to go to his blog to be amazed at an array of beauty in a variety of sculpture art including relief, in the round and chain saw works of art. An award winning artist whose art speaks to all languages without translation even though his blog can be translated from his native Polish into the reader’s language.

The simple beauty of the woman’s profile in his “FULL MOON” became the inspiration for the WOOD BEE CARVER to use the Whittle-Carving style to carve a relief interpretation using only a knife in a small format of small Whittle Doodles.  Wojtkowski is gracious in giving me permission to interpret his “FULL MOON” for non-commercial use.  Whittle Doodles are either given as gifts or as donations and are not for sale.

The photo essay below is examples of the WOOD BEE CARVER’s interpretation of Wojtkowski’s beautiful lady of the “FULL MOON,” carved only with a knife in a small format.  Thanks to Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski for his inspiration.

whitttle doodlewhittle doodle supreme whittle doodleDragon Dragon 5Dragon 6

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