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The pumpkin egg noggin carved out of a basswood hen egg was being used as a “go by” in a class taught at the recent Caricature Carvers of America Seminar in Converse, Indiana.  Dale Kirkpatrick, aka Carver Dale was using it as a study guide while carving an egg noggin for himself.  A fly landed on the pumpkin’s  head and being the ever alert observer that he is, Dale took a picture at just the right time to capture an amusing scene.  It appears that the eyes of the pumpkin are looking directly at the uninvited fly. Now that is what is called “serendipity.”



Carver Dale is quite an accomplished carver in his own right and yet he finds great inspiration in continuing to be a student at various carving seminars.  Dale is a prime example of the value of participating in carving classes while continuing to hone one’s carving skills.  More of Dale’s path of learning may be explored on his woodcarving blog site: http://carverdalecreations.com/ .



Carved golf balls in an egg cartoon are examples of his “serendipity carving.”


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