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When the WOOD BEE CARVER started carving seriously around 1975 his tools of choice  were carving knives, primarily pocket knives reshaped and sharpened into carving knives.  He accumulated a few carving gouges and chisels at flea markets and junk stores with the only other known tool source at the time were catalogs from Woodcraft when it was still in Woodburn, MA and Constantines in NYC. 

In 1976 when the Mahoning Valley Wood Carving Club (MVWC) in Warren, Ohio was founded, we would order Harmen wood carving tools directly from the factory, as there were few tool dealers and for that matter few wood carving shows at that time.  1994 was my first participation in the War Eagle Seminars at War Eagle, Arkansas at which time I was able to purchase a wider selection of Harmen carving tools from Max Kirkes.

It was there that I saw other wood carving students who were using very unique carving tools unlike any that I had ever seen other than a brief look at similar tools the late Huber King brought to the MVWC meeting that someone had made for him.  At that time I did not know who it was who made those tools, but at War Eagle I met the designer and maker of those tools.  Everett Cutsinger  from Topeka, Kansas had been making these unique tools from  “flat spade boring bits” and mounting them in walnut tool handles of his own design.

Once again, like so many of the custom tool makers, Everett made them initially because good tools were few and far between.  For over thirty years he has been making these tools and now in his eighties still makes  superb carving tools.  He anneals the metal bits, rehapes, tempers and sharpens each tool into a very fine carving tool.  While being sharp and usable when you get one of his tools, they are not pretty to look at, but with a little buffing, they look a little better while they cut like a dream.

The fun part is to think while using a Cutsinger tool is that his tried and true design and tempered cutting edge fit one’s carving hand and is a pleasure to use in carving.  So, before he makes his last tool, write or call for his catalog and buy at least one of his tools if for no other reason than to have a custom made tool with a proven track record.  Contact:  EVERETT CUTSINGER, 1639 S. E. 42 nd. St. TOPEKA, KANSAS 66609 or phone 785-266-5830.   Palm Tools in various sweeps and sizes are $10 each while the larger, mallet driven tools are $14.50 and straight razer knives are $20 plus $4.00 postage and shipping.

While Everett never has said it, I will for him by saying, “A Cutsinger carving tool sings as it cuts.” There is no sweeter sound to a wood carver than the music that comes for a sharp tool “singing” as it gouges out a chip.

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I too enjoy using Everett’s tools. He offers unique types that can’t be purchased any where else.

February 10th, 2008 at 9:01 am

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