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ELKHORN III was carved out a three and half inch square by eight and half inch tall block of butternut with traditional carving tools.  Boiled linseed oil is the main finish with a coat of Deft brushing lacquer to protect the oil finish.  Wood burning highlighted some areas with darker coloration.  A butternut base was carved into an oval shape with tool marks giving random texture so that the eye does not stop at hard lines making the base non-descript. 

The head dress and hair treatment was embellished with several motifs and flowing lines.  The facial expression and gaze of the eyes gives a far off look towards an imaginary horizon of unfulfilled dreams.  The robe has continuous flowing lines and soft folds and wrinkles to give the impression of the movement of the wind surrounding Elkhorn as he clutches the robe tight and  cradles a peace pipe.

ELKHORN III is the latest interpretation of a carving theme of a Native American.  The first one was carved out of basswood in February of this year.  A second one was carved like this one out of butternut in a little larger format.

Every carving project is a learning experience of learning while carving changes that could have been made.  By carving a second of similar design other learning experiences take place while making refinement to the first edition.  Carving a third edition is still learning to refine the design.  Even though the same design is carved several times, yet each possesses its own characteristics and personality making each one unique in its own right.

The subject of “Elkhorn” is not completed as there will probably be additional editions of this same noble design.  This photo essay is simply a peek at another interpretation of a similar theme.  A comparison may be viewed with the first Elkhorn posting at:  https://woodbeecarver.com/?p=2621.





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