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Some of the best friends we woodcarvers discover are those within the carving community who carve interesting and eye catching creations that brings a kindred appreciation to the carver who exercised their creative endeavors. Recently Ed Redwine became a friend on the social network of Facebook in that the Wood Bee Carver was intrigued with a couple of photographs of Ed’s carving activity pictured above.

Notice how each Santa possesses a unique personality as well as the variety of artistic chip carved designs. He was gracious enough to write a description of these Santa Ornaments whose back sides are embellished with chip carving designs. So in his own words  Ed reminisces that he was introduced to carving on the corner many years ago by a man who really helped him get started in carving. It lends itself well to many kinds of different faces and especially well for ornaments.

The subject can be many things including Santa carvings, wood spirits, pirates and many other kinds of faces.

The Santa carvings in the photo were done three at a time on a 2x2x12 basswood triangle purchased from Tim Heinecke of Heinecke Wood Products.

Ed starts by marking off three 4 inch sections then lay in the basic design of what I’m trying to do.  He then uses a knife to shape and remove excess wood but a band saw can also be used. The photo below shows the progressive development of his method.

Ed Redwine progression            Ed Redwine painted Santa

The caps are done first but leave the band until the facial features are carved in. Next, start with the nose and then carve the eyes. Adjustments are made as the carving progresses. Finish the cap band.  Carve the mustache then the beard. Beard patterns are limited only by the imagination.

Ed says he never liked leaving the backside naked. At one time he painted Christmas scenes or ornaments on the back.  Then Ed thought about doing a chip carved pattern on the back. That method caught on and he plans to continue carving such embellishment on the back side of the carved ornaments.

After each Santa head is separated from adjoining Santa, hangers are installed.  A hanger is made from the shank of a 5/0 fish hook (with barb removed) or a loop from no. 16 copper wire

Colors can vary according to your palette as depicted in the photo above.  Seal with a couple coats of Deft or good quality polyurethane. Ed likes to include a 1/8 in. colored ribbon for hanging to add a finishing touch to each ornament.

Thank you Ed for letting us take a peek into your process for carving Santa ornaments and for encouraging us to follow your inspiration by carving a variety of Santa faces and perhaps try a little chip carving embellishment of the back side as well. Carving friends help carving friends to carve and we have such a friend in Ed Redwine.



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