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The Dragon Slayer Knife Cube is a holder for a knife whose blade is inserted into a slot in the top of the cube.  The four sides and top in a three-inch cube of basswood is carved in a combination of relief carvings, chip carving and a simulated tattoo texturing.




Every new carving project is a learning process of a challenge of unknown lessons that are learned during the carving process.  Dragons are a new subject for this carver so it was necessary to do some research for dragon images that could be adapted for this particular project.  The carvings were done with knives and an awl tool. The awl tool was once used to punch holes in leather and is a pointed blade comparable to an ice pick.  It was used to texture the dragon tattoo since tattoos are made with successive needle pricks to create the design.  The awl was also used in the three relief carvings to texture the background of each scene.  The top of the cube received chip carving cuts for the design.  Artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil was used for the coloring finish sealed with Deft, a brushing lacquer. A hole was drilled in the top of the cube to receive the slotted blade insert described in the appropriate photos at the end of the photo gallery. Each half of the blade insert was mortised out to receive the blade when assembled. The Dragon II knife that appears in the photo illustrating how the cube will be used is a substitute for the custom-made Dragon Tattoo knife being made by Rich Smithson of Helvie Knives to come at a later date.




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