DON WORLEY – No See-Ums 3

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Bonnie and Don Worley are pictured at their carving display table at the recent Middletown, Ohio,  Miami Valley Woodcarving Show, March 5 and 6, 2011.  Don is the creator and instructor of the ever popular No See-Ums  which are seen displayed on the left    corner of the table in the photograph.  Additional photographs below show close ups of the No See-Ums  (some with eyes) and by clicking on each photo they can be  enlarged slightly for a closer look.  Clicking on Don’s name above will bring up a previous posting of No See-ums  which are fun to carve and once begun become very addictive to carve a few more.  Don is also chairman of the world renowned  Artistry in Wood Show  in Dayton which will celebrate its 30th year this November 12 and 13.  Thank you Don for your many gifts to the woodcarving family and especially for creating No See-Ums.




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