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Don Stephenson  is a carving friend who has a great art for drawing as well as carving.  Often whenever I need a drawing of an idea, Don is eager to draw but not just one but several carving ideas.  In fact he comes up with so many ideas drawn that I have nicknamed him the IDEA MONSTER.   Recently he surprised me with a gift of a caricature likeness of the WOOD BEE CARVER  dressed as I appear at woodcarving shows with a black derby hat, a Col. Sanders’ bow tie and bib overalls.  The drawing included a carving of a troll that he had drawn for me some time back.  It was not enough for him to give me a drawing on paper he also gave me a canvas tool tote bag with a painted version of the original drawing.  Thanks Don for your gift of friendship, your drawings and especially for being the  IDEA MONSTER.










Don also drew this logo  icon that was also included on the canvas tool tote bag along with the WOOD BEE CARVERS motto: “Would be carvers would be carvers it they would carve wood,” and another saying: “I can if I try for I am to be all I can be.”

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