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WOOD BURNING BY STEPHENSONDon Stephenson, an artist, wood burner and carver, wood burned this likeness of me in the act of whittle-carving along with a likeness of a Whittle Folk Monk.  Stephenson is a member of the Dayton Carvers Guild who also takes numerous photographs at guild meetings.  He often sits beside me at the carving meeting with sketch pad and pencil drawing what ever comes to the surface of his creative spirit.  While some people doodle non-sensible pencil scratches with paper and pencil, Stephenson doodles seriously with a drawing that is astounding. 

Below is one example of a Santa mouse sitting on Santa’s hat that brings a smile of whimsical play and amazement.

DRAWING BY DON STEPHENSONDon drew this drawing in a matter of minutes with a casual ease that can only come from the heart and creativity of an artist.  The only characteristic that surpasses his artistic ability is the generosity of his friendship.  Often Don creates a work of art in one of his many mediums and then gives it as a gift of friendship.  With humility I received his gift of the wood burned likeness of me.  But then isn’t that what art is, the giving of one’s gift of creativity to brighten another person’s life.  Thank You Don for brightening my life with your friendship.

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