DON STEPHENSON – A Carving Friend

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Don Stephenson,  my good friend whom I call the “Idea Monster”  is a carver as well as an artist with pen and paper, camera and wood burning.  Don has given me many carving ideas through his artist gift of drawing.  He is turning many of those original drawing ideas into his own carving projects some of which make up the gallery presented here. 

Every carver has their own style and signature that continues to evolve with each new carving project.  Since carving is a learn by doing activity and each carving project is a learning piece it is normal and natural for creative ideas to become captured in the shaping of wood.  Take a journey along the path that Don has been traveling in his carving adventure.



Is it any wonder that Don Stephenson is nicked named “Idea Monster”  by the great variety of his creative energy displayed in this gallery.  Thank you Don for your gift of friendship.

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