DOC HOLIDAY – 2 Commissions

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Doc Holiday  is a historic figure who was part of the Gunfight at the OK Corral of Western lore.  Many stories and movies interpreted with artistic license the character of Doc Holiday and there is no definitive and accurate account of where fact ends and fiction begins.  Carving a figure of Doc Holiday becomes the imagination of the carver through various depictions of the  Western outfit.  In this case Doc is wearing a long dark duster over his suit vest, string tie and trousers.  He is carrying a double barreled shot gun in his right hand while the butt of a pistol peaks out of the edge of the left side of his duster.

Since there are to be two likenesses of Doc for the same commission there are subtle differences in mustache style and color of string tie to make each one a unique personality.  No historic likeness was used for guidance, only the imagination of the carver’s inner eye that guided the carving process.

Each was carved out of a two inch square by six inch tall block of basswood beginning with the hat and head fitting into the hat before the rest of the figure was carved to basic form.  The knives used for this carving project were a Helvie Series number 4 of the Wood Bee Carver Signature Series and the number 549 Bud Murray knife.  Each bear the same basic blade design with differences being the handle shape and the steel used for the blades.  Each carve superbly in their own unique characteristic.  Each blade is designed for efficient slicing characteristic in both the push and pull stroke. Each bears an extended tang to allow for a longer reach of the cutting edge without being impeded by the handle getting in the way.


The series of photographs show the figure being carved to its basic form in preparation of doing the detail carving. There are photos showing the close up of hand holding shot gun and other hand holding lapel of coat exposing the pistol butt.  Other random photographs are offered from study comparison with no finish and painted finish.  The mustache style of each is the way to distinguish one from the other.



Each was painted with the Painting Softly method of using boiled linseed oil and artist oil paints thinned to a translucent stain so that the grain of the wood can show through to indicate that it is indeed a wood carving.




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