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They say that the best form of advertising is “word of mouth” of “one beggar telling another where to find a slice of bread.”  The same is true for wood carvers who discover unique wood carving tools that are often custom made by carvers who wanted a special tool, couldn’t find it, so they made it themselves.  Others saw their “one of a kind” carving tool and wanted one just like it and thus was born another custom knife and carving tool enterprise.

One such craftsman with tool steel and an artist in design is Bud Murray who has been custom making very unique carving tools and knives for several years.  The reputation of a Murray Knife has been spread “word of mouth” from notable carving teachers like Harold Enlow, Stu Martin, Debbie Edwards, Vic Hood, Gary Falin  and Wayne Shinlever (to name only a few).

A catalog can be requested using the following information:  Bud Murray’s Custom Carving Knives, 1490 Thunder Mountain Road, CAMDENTON, MO 65020 or by phone:  573-346-7321.

The unique thing about custom knife makers is because they do it for the “love of craftsmanship” and their reputation stands upon the quality of their tools.  Bud Murray’s tools speak for themselves in quality, beauty and uniqueness of design.  The tool part of a gouge, skew or knife blade cuts like a dream while holding the “proverbial” edge.  The handles, also custom made, are both comfortable to the eye and the  hand and are made of either chinaberry or walnut finished with a tung oil finish.

The WOOD BEE CARVER has a vast accumulation of knives and carving tools brought on by the affliction of “tool-i-tis” that says, “One is enough, two is too many and three is never enough.” The few Murray tools I  have are “tried and true” being some of my favorites among favorites.

The photo above shows only a sampling of his vast array of sizes and shapes that are well worth an inquiry to Bud Murray.  I highly recommend his carving tools.

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