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A grandmother requested a caricature carving of her grandson and son as crossbow deer hunters wearing camo gear. Using a candid photo of father and son as a guide to inspire the imagination process resulted in carving the nine-year-old grandson holding a crossbow and the father holding a sling shot as a bit of teasing humor of who was the serious hunter.

Because the carved crossbow would extend out from and in front of the right hand where the cross grain of the wood could break easily, the front portion of the crossbow was carved separately and then glued to supporting wood coming out of the hand.  The sling shot was carved in the left hand of the father with the leather pad attached to the back of the hand.  The right hand held a stone.

The end result in the purpose of a commissioned carving is bringing a bit of humor while celebrating the bond between father and son as they share a mutual interest as the father teaches and encourages a son to be a safe and serious hunter.


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