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Cowpoke Trio

Three Cowpoke carvings are presented here as a visual study through photographs of the variations that can be carved in a similar subject.  The WOOD BEE CARVER has been carving seriously for over forty years and yet every carving project continues to be a learning experience, a challenge in improving and refining the design and execution of the carving process. The three cowpoke carvings are the latest lessons learned and are shared here as examples for anyone who would like to carve their own cowpoke.

The first series of photographs are a visual study of the finished and painted carvings of the three cowpokes. Each cowpoke has a right thumb in the gun belt while the left hand is holding a different object. Even though they share the basic cowboy outfit, yet it is what they are holding in their left hand that tells a different story.  Hats may be different, two sport a drooping and bushy mustache, and one also has a beard and mustache but everything else is the same cowboy outfit. (click on photos to enlarge)

Cowpoke TrioCowpoke TrioCowpoke TrioCowpoke TrioRamrodRamrodRamrodRamrodRamrod             Ramrod             RamrodDustyDustyDustyDustyDusty             Dusty             DustyTrampTrampTrampTrampTramp             Tramp             Tramp

The next series of photographs will be of the six inch tall unfinished basswood carvings of each cowpoke along with two close up of the objects held in the left hand and the view of the six gun and holster.


The final four photographs with the green background and three illustrations that show one cowpoke carved to basic form standing to the left of the other two whose hat and head are carved to basic form and the rest of the block has guidelines drawn.  These guidelines are drawn within the Rule of Three of Body Proportions landmarks indicated by the horizontal red lines.  These red lines represent three divisions of the Rule of Three of Shoulder to Waist; Waist to Mid Knees; and Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet.  

Comparing the first illustration on the left with the two on the right with the drawn guidelines will give a mental picture of the plan for carving each cow poke to completion.

Cowpoke StudyCowpoke StudyCowepoke StudyCowpoke Study

This study of this trio of cow pokes presents the basic western outfit and accessories that can be applied and adapted to any cowboy figure to be carved in the future.  One thing that happens in the repeated carving of any subject is the lessons learned in each carving are subject to being changed with future innovations as the carver becomes more observant and adventuresome to try to improve on each new carving.  Carving is an adventure that is ongoing with another venture into the next adventure. Woodcarving is the journey more than the destination which means that the real fun is in the carving process while the destination is the completed carving.  Each destination of a completed carving simple invites to go on another carving journey where the real fun is experienced.  Enjoy the Journey

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