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The Cowpoke is a six inch tall figure carved to the scale of one inch equals a foot.  A Half Pint is a three inch tall figure carved to the scale of a half inch equals a foot.  In the introductory photo the Cowpoke and Half Pint are standing together for a comparable view.

The first photo gallery below will be of the six inch tall Cowpoke in a variety of views for a panoramic study. The Cowpoke has a polychrome colored finish. The second photo gallery will do the same for the three inch tall Half Pint Cowpoke which has a one color monochrome finish and carved in similar fashion as the taller Cowpoke.






Here are the photos of the three inch tall Half Pint Cowpoke.




After the first view of the photos, a second more comparable study of the two figures will add to an appreciation of the merit of each figure as standing on their own individual worth.  If interested in studying the progressive development of the carving of a cowpoke, click on COWPOKE to link a designated posting.  That same can be done for the process of carving a Half Pint by clicking on HALF PINT to view the progressive steps show in a comparable subject.


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