COMMISSION CARVINGS – Inventor of Tooth Brush

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Commission Carvings can now be shown on this blog in that many of them were to be Christmas gifts.  The photographic journey of each carving is presented with multiple views for careful and carveful study.  Each one is an example of Whittle-Carving that uses only knives in the carving process.  The finish is a combination of boiled linseed oil and artist oil paint with the monochrome color being raw sienna and boiled linseed oil.  The polychrome coloration is various colors of artist oil paints and boiled linseed oil followed by an application of Deft, a brushing lacquer.


The “Inventor of the Tooth Brush” is the first of a series of Commission Carvings. In the first photo the carving in the middle was carved in 2003 as the first of this theme.  The two on either side are the latest version of the humorous story of the tooth brush invention.


The Inventor of the Tooth Brush has only one tooth.  If it was anybody else it would have been called a “teeth brush,” as the old story goes.  It makes for a fun caricature carving using the basic theme but changing the clothing details to make each one unique.


The next series of photographs are close up views of the faces of the caricatures.


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