CCA MERIT AWARD – Arnold Smith

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 CCA MERIT AWARD was presented to Arnold Smith  of Adrian, GA at the Artistry in Wood Show  in Dayton, OH on November 11, 2012.  The award is presented to a carver who exemplifies the art of caricature carving and as an encouragement for the advancement of caricature carving.

.  CCA Members who presented the award to Arnold  are pictured left to right:  Jack Williams, Don Mertz, Arnold Smith, Bruce Henn, Gary Falin, Joe Schumacher and Dave Stetson.

Arnold has sharpened his caricature carving skills over the years and has shown his carvings at woodcarving shows in the South.  This is his first time to show at Dayton and his caricature laden table speaks for itself of the excellence in caricature carving.  The following photographs are of Arnold at his display table with examples of his caricature carvings.




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