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The photographs in this gallery are of carvings on display and for sale at Peter Engler Designs, 201 S. Commercial St. Branson, MO.  When Peter was alive, he purchased several of my carvings in 2005 and periodically my Hog Heaven Pig seeds.  Recently owner Mary Bowman honored me again with the purchase of several carvings to have available at the new location of the store in old downtown Branson.

Branson, MO is a fun place to visit with Peter Engler Designs a must visit location for the woodcarving and art work of over 160 artist whose creations are on display in the store which is more like a museum.  Guest artists demonstrate and give instructions throughout the year, so anytime of the year is a good time to visit.

The photographs are of six-inch-tall Cowpokes, Gambler, Civil War Soldiers, Hill Billys, Pirate and Old Salt Seaman, Employee of the Month; three-inch-tall Gnome Wizards, three-inch-tall Hobbits and Whittle Dwarfs.  All of these carvings represent the Whittle-Carving style of carving using only a knife to shape and detail the carvings.



The concluding photos are a random selection of the six-inch-tall figures.




When in Branson be sure to visit Peter Engler Designs ~ a treasure of art at its best.



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