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One of the side effects of wood carving is to be afflicted with an ailment of accumulating carving tools.  With that ailment comes the need for a place for tool storage and a way to carry carving tools to club meetings, carving shows or to another location other than the home base used for carving.  Every carver has their own system and is always on the look out for another idea.  One advantage of taking carving classes is to see what tools other carvers are using and what kind of box, bag or storage unit they have. In the first photo top left side there is a wooden tool tote that was made by Robert Clarke whose products may be seen at his web site www.clarkes-online.us .

The WOOD BEE CARVER is showing some of his tool storage solutions along with some of his tool accumulation.  The three photos above show various ways to store and carry carving tools.  Click on each photo to enlarge and to read more about the items in each photo.

There is no cure for the ailment of purchasing another tool or tool tote, caddy, box  or storage unit.  The people who collect and use old hand wood working tools are called by the affectionate name of “GALOOT” and they  have a web site dedicated to their affliction that is fun for wood carvers to visit at: www.oldtoolsshop.com and making a web search for “galoot” will lead to other interesting sites.

Perhaps we wood carvers are cousins of  wood working “galoots” and could call ourselves by that same nickname.

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Hey!!!! Figured it out!!! Guess some of the grey cells are still working! Really like the way your Blog is laid out and especially it’s appearance. Nice Job!

January 7th, 2008 at 7:59 am

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