CARVING CENTRAL – The Center of Carving Activity

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Carving Central with the first viewCarving Central a view of the whittling and reading areaCarving Central looking over the carving benchCarving Central with carving stationCarving Central the whittling and reading areaCarving Central view of display shelvingThe WOOD BEE CARVER calls his carving room “CARVING CENTRAL” since it is the center of carving activity.  When my wife and I build our home for retirement in 2006 we designed it as an “old geezer’s” house with a one floor plan with wide open spaces and a carving room inside the house.

The carving room is 18 feet by 19 feet and is located on the north west corner of the house with plenty of natural light.  It is entered by way of the great room and kitchen area  and has a door that opens into the attached garage.  There is a “dirty” carving area in the garage for hand sawing blocks of wood and for sharpening carving tools.  The carving room is the center of carving activity for hand powered carving.

The photos above give a visual tour into “CARVING CENTRAL” showing a hand made carving bench made in 1976, three different carving holding devices,  many tool cabinets and boxes with multiple drawers, comfortable chairs and display shelves.  Welcome to “CARVING CENTRAL” the center of carving activity.

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