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Phil Duck

A recent commission to carve two figures representative of Phil Robertson dressed in camouflage resulted in these two carvings. The design of the camouflage fatigues was created by wood burning the darker designs on the bare basswood followed by the painting process of a tan color to simulate desert camouflage.

The caricature likeness of the Duck Dynasty character was made possible by incorporating certain characteristics identified with the character.  A duck call in one hand, a shot gun in the other hand, the camouflage head band and the signature beard and mustache outfits this carving into a reasonable likeness of the character.

A study of the photographs will reveal that each carving while similar yet each is unique in its own interpretation of the same subject.  Most carvings are interpretations rather than a mirror image of the original.  It is the interpretation mixed with imagination of the eye and mind that make each carving come alive. (click on each photo to enlarge)

Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil DuckPhil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck Phil Duck

The photographs below depicting the two carvings in progress shows a proto-type Helvie Signature knife being used to carve the two figures.  Proto-type knives are tested first in the carving process before they are made available for production.  This proto-type will become # 14 Signature Series ~ WASP BEE.  The blade design is a slight variation on the original design that boasts an extended tang leading towards the business end of the cutting edge portion of the blade.  The blade is made from a specialty steel that has its own unique “feel of cut” in a blade shape comparable with the # 10 ~ HORNET BEE knife that allows for good “slice and roll” type of cuts.  Watch for an announcement soon of the availability of the WASP BEE.

Duck Carvings               Duck Carvings               Duck CarvingsDuck Carvings               Duck Carvings               Duck Carvings

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