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BUZZ: Check out two new additions to the BEE HIVE box in the right column.  Two articles reprinted by permission by CHIP CHATS written by the Wood Bee Carver many years ago that still have relevant instructional information: WHITTLE FOLKS from the Nov-Dec 1992 issue and WHITTLE FOLK ‘POKES from May-Jun 1998 issue of Chip Chats. All items in BEE HIVE are visible and printable documents for instructional purposes.


wood bee carver

BUZZ: Under the MAIN MENU check out “Blog Index Map” as an easy way to find postings by Category and Title.  Another way to find postings is to check out CATEGORIES and then scroll down through each Category beginning with the latest posting down to earlier postings in order to Brose what each posting looks like. For example under CATEGORIES a new listing has been added entitled “Tu Tor Plus” which are Tutorials for frequent reference.


wood bee carver

BUZZ: The Comments function on the blog is “blocked” to eliminate the malicious use of spam and junk scams from using that function.  Personal comments can be made by going to “About the Carver” under Main Menu for postal mail address or phone number.  No email address is posted in order to eliminate spam and junk emails from affecting the carver’s email service.

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