BUTT OF A JOKE ~ Achilles Heel Exposed

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Butt Armor                    Butt Armor

Ryan Olsen, a fellow CCA Member and a carving friend had an unfortunate accident earlier this year in that he dropped a carving knife while putting his tools in the passenger seat of the car. That dropped knife wedged itself between the seat and back of the driver’s seat. Unbeknownst to him, Ryan sat down in the seat whereby the point of the carving knife was driven into his buttock. The puncture wound healed quickly but the mental picture of such an accident could not go unpunished in that Ryan became the “butt of a joke” with a humorous carving given to him at the Annual Meeting of the CCA. The “Achilles Heel” in Ryan’s armor is depicted in the position of the knife working its way between the armor and coat of mail.  Ryan is a good sport and champions the humor in an accident that gave him a point of reference about safely transporting carving tools.  Thanks Ryan for your good humor.

Butt Armor                     Butt Armor


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