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bumble and wasp         bumble and wasp

HELVIE KNIVES announces the introduction of two more knives in the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series.  Each knife is a continuation of the basic design and concept for a carving knife that is used in a “slice and roll” action.  The cutting edge is curved in a quarter moon shape to allow for a slicing action in both the push and pull stroke.  The back edge mirrors the cutting edge with a scimitar blade shape to allow for greater access in tight areas while carving. 

Unique in the blade design is the extended tang that positions the cutting edge out and away from the handle to allow for great reach as well as a place to safely wrap an index finger around the blade while choking up on the knife.  The back edge of the blade slopes down towards the tip of the cutting edge to fit into a space of an approximate 12 to 14 degree angle.  The angle allows for a functional approach of the cutting edge into the wood in whatever direction it is positioned.  The four inch long torpedo shaped handle or the cigar shaped handle is comfortable for long periods of carving and can be rotated in the palm of the hand to change direction of the approach of the blade.

bumble and wasp     bumble and wasp

The BUMBLE BEE ~ #13 is a larger version of the Hornet Bee ~ # 10 while the WASP BEE ~ #14 is a smaller version of the # 10.  See photo with those three knives pictured.  All of the Signature Series knives are variations of the # 2 Scimitar Knife as can be seen in the photograph showing those four knives.

During the “slice and roll” action each blade creates a little different end result even though any one can be used to carve an entire carving project.  Between the tip and the tang of the blade, the middle portion of the cutting edge creates a dished out chip whose radius is determined by the size of the blade. A smaller blade shape will have a smaller radius chip while a larger blade shape will have a larger radius chip.  The WASP BEE creates a finer slicing cut while the BUMBLE BEE creates a larger slicing cut. The BUMBLE BEE works well for over all shaping and carving to form while the WASP BEE works as a finer detail finishing blade.  Each can carve an entire subject by itself but the smaller blade takes more slicing cuts to accomplish the end result.

Another characteristic between the two is the “feel of cut” between the two.  The BUMBLE BEE is made from the same steel stock that most of the Helvie Knives uses except for the detail knives.  The WASP BEE is made of specialty steel that has a little different “feel of cut” than the BUMBLE BEE.  Each knife no matter what steel is used for the blade makes an excellent carving knife and any difference is only cosmetic and feel based upon personal choice.

The three photographs below show the BUMBLE BEE and the WASP BEE positioned on a carving in process to illustrate how the knife is being used.

bumble and wasp         bumble and wasp        WASP

All of the Helvie Knives in the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series have been tested extensively before they are introduced to the carving public.  The WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver who uses any one of these knives in most carving projects as is indicated on this blog.  Most carvers are accustomed to using the straight cutting edge carving knife as a secondary carving tool and will find using a curved cutting edge takes some time to get used to doing a slicing cut every time. 

After over forty years of carving primarily with a knife the WOOD BEE CARVER designed blade was developed over years of trial and error of what works best for this carver.  The key for any carver is to carve as often as possible and get to know what each tool can do.  Not all tools work the same and yet any sharp tool needs to be worked and in the working of that tool its virtues are discovered.  Helvie Knives come sharp, ready to carve but need to be maintained by hand stropping to keep the cutting edge polished and tuned up for sharper slicing.

My thanks to Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of Helvie Knives for the wonderful knives they make and the quality of service they give. 


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