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Bud Murray makes four knives according to the WOOD BEE CARVER’s design in four different blade sizes.

The 529 was the first in this series with a two inch scimitar blade with extended tang.  The 539 is next with an inch and half scimitar blade length with extended tang.  The 549 is an inch and half overall length with a three quarter inch blade on the end of a three quarter inch tang.  The 559 is a half inch blade on the end of a three quarter inch tang.  The 559 is a fine detail blade while the 549 is a combination of detail and roughing out blade in that its extended longer tang gives strength and extra reach for carving in difficult places for both the 549 and 559.

The 529 and 539 come with a beautiful walnut pistol grip handle while the 549 and 559 come with a beautiful china berry pistol grip handle.  The pistol grip handle is preferred by the WOOD BEE CARVER but Bud can place any blade in his other two handle designs of his regular line of carving knives.

Contact Bud at (573) 346-7321 for more information or to place an order.

Keep in mind that each knife is custom made and there might be a slight variation in the overall length or shape of each knife. A Murray Knife is an excellent carving knife which comes sharped ready to carve and only needs stropping to keep it in its sharpest condition.

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