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Buckeye Carvings were carved in preparation for the recent Buckeye Round Up in July of some of the subjects that could be carved as a learning experience taught by the WOOD BEE CARVER.  Each one is carved out of an inch and half square by three inch tall block of basswood using only a knife to carve each subject.

The photo display shows three versions of a Hobbit and two versions of a Viking. “A photo is worth a thousand words,” it has been said and one can do a visual tutorial by observing each of the photographs.  One can also take a tour of previous postings on these subjects by clicking on the “Blog Index Map” under the “Main Menu” and then scanning the listings under “Carving Projects” looking for the subjects of “Hobbit” and “Viking” and any other subject that catches one’s attention.

HOBBITHOBBITHOBBITVIKING                            VIKINGVIKING                            VIKINGHOBBITHOBBITHOBBITVIKING                            VIKINGVIKING                            VIKING

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