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Golfer for Eli   Golfer for Eli

Bob Holmes,  an Octogenarian, has been carving only for a couple of years but carves almost every day as a good example that the more one carves the better one carves.  Recently he carved a golfer for a long time friend who was terminally ill.  The friend, a golfer himself, was so touched by this gesture of friendship he kept the carving near him to have available to show it to any who came to visit.  The golfer carving was also present at the friend’s funeral indicative of how much he appreciated the gift.  That is what carvers do whenever they give of themselves through their carving and creative journey.

Golfer Golfer Golfer Golfer

The putting golfer is Bob’s latest carving which included a lot of extra embellishment in making the base as a golfing green.


Bottle Stoppers          Bottle Stoppers          Cowboy Bust

Robin of the Wood is a carving done by Bob from a drawing by Don Stephenson which shows how Bob is able to see a carving within a two dimensional drawing.  Carving bottle stopper heads as well as a little bust is another path Bob has taken to learn to carve a variety of subjects.  Bob is an encouragement to all carvers that no matter one’s age or how late in one’s life journey one begins to carve there is still a creative spark that awaits an opportunity to flame up with the art of carving.  Thanks Bob for giving us all a push to carve often and better.


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