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Clown Dwarfs

“Today is the oldest you have ever been, yet the youngest you will ever be, so make the best of this day,” are words of wisdom and observation.  For would be carvers or late comers to woodcarving endeavors, start today to make up for the lost time of not having started earlier.

Bob Holmes, an Octogenarian, has been carving only for a couple of years but carves almost every day as a good example that the more one carves the better one carves. He studies carving magazines, carving books and carving blogs and websites for ideas to spark his own creative ideas of carving projects.  He is eager to learn, try something new and challenging and enjoys every moment of the carving journey. He grows even more when he gives encouragement and instruction  to fellow carvers in his carving club. (click on photos to enlarge.)

Carving Display Clown Dwarfs  Clown Dwarfs

The photographs show his recent carving activity including painting as well as carving. Notice that Bob carves a variety of subjects, all of which offer a stretch of learning about each carving subject.  To grow in carving experience one is encouraged to try various subjects and never shy away from those that offer a challenge.  Nothing teaches more than the challenge of learning on the job of a new carving project and having fun in the process.  Bob is making the best of every day by carving as often as he can.  May we be inspired by Bob’s example as well as by his woodcarving art.  Thanks Bob for leaving a trail for us to follow on the carving journey.

Horse Cowboy, Indian & Horse Horse Indian  IndianIndianIndianCowboyCowboyCowboyCowboyCowboy             Skulls            Skulls and Cowboy


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