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Block Head Knife HolderBlock Head Knife HolderBlock Head Knife HolderBlock Head Knife HolderBlock HeadBlock HeadBlock HeadBlock Head

Block Heads are heads carved into a square block of wood that is used as a block to house the blade of a carving knife for a commemorative knife presentation.  The block began as a three inch square block of basswood. The top of the block or the end grain portion of the block is the location for the insertion of the knife blade.  This part of the block was decorated with free hand chip carving design.  The one knife used for carving the four faces and the chip carving is a knife made from a commercial band saw blade.  The blade with its scimitar blade shape has a slight flex that aids in some of the deep relief slicing cuts.

The next series of four photographs show the progressive development of the carving of a caricature head and face in deep relief.  The first step is to carve a circular trough or ditch around the outline drawing of the head.  This trough allows for the blade to shape the outside of the head.

First CutProgressive CutsKnife Shaping Side of HeadKnife Shaping Side of Head

The next two photographs show the form of the face shaped to receive the final detail carving to bring the face to life. Notice the foundation of the eye mounds and the mouth mound are set up to receive the detail carving to finish the face. The third photograph shows the details of the face completely carved. The fourth photograph is of the free hand chip carved top of the block carved into the end grain.

Face Carved to FormFace Carved to FormDetails Carved into FaceChip Carved Top

The final three photographs below show the knife used for all the carving on this Block Heads Knife Holder. The fourth photograph is the free hand chip carved top of the block after it has received the monochrome finish of artist oil paint Raw Sienna and boiled linseed oil. Looking at all the photographs again notice that the four side corners of the block were sliced off at an angle and later received a decorative free hand chip carved design.

Knifed Used to Carve BlockKnife Used to Carve BlockKnife Used to Carve BlockChip Carved Top


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