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BITS AND PIECES  are carvings that are done to replenish the supply of novelty carvings for display at woodcarving shows and the occasional spur-of-the-moment carving  just for the fun of it.  The first three photographs are of  Tree Noggins carved out of basswood tree  limbs using only a knife.  The carved faces are finished with a coat of Howard Wax-N-Feed.  The fourth photograph above is of Pin Heads carved out of Doll Pins purchased at Hobby Lobby to resemble the old wooden clothes pin.  Pin Heads are carved with only a knife and finished with Howard Wax-N-Feed. 




Pictured above are Santa Pin Heads,  Jewelry Pins and a Pirate carved on a Helvie Knife.  Bit and Pieces  are like “shavings off the old block” of good carving activity on various fun projects that keep the creative pump primed and carving activity on the cutting edge.  It is not the size of the carving project nor the challenge that is most important because even the smallest “bit”  and “piece”  can be just as challenging and satisfying.  The key is to always having something to carve if nothing more that a few “bits and pieces”  that keeps carving alive to carve again and again. ” BEE Ever Sharp and there will never be a DULL moment.”


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