Begin AgainThere is an old wise saying: “Life is full of endings, but it is never The End for with every ending there is always a new beginning.” Such a wise observation fits every experience of life if only we resolve to begin again.”

The WOOD BEE CARVER has as one of his sayings: “Woodcarving is more the journey than the destination,” which means that satisfaction does not come at the end with the completed carving.  Satisfaction comes while doing the carving project so when the carver comes to the end with a completed carving there is the eager anticipation to begin again with another carving project.

The completed carving may be entered in competition shows, sold to a collector, given as a gift or placed upon a display shelf but it has already served the carver’s reason for being, which is to carve.  So the End of the carving opens the door tobegin again with another carving project.  And so it is, a blank block of wood invites the carver to “begin again” the thrill that comes in the doing part of carving that taps into the mystery of creativity that leads each carver on another journey.

“Begin Again” is often going into the unknown with a learning while doing acceptance that one will be able to make the new better by stretching one’s ability to try the new and in the trying one experiences the silent partner of creativity to make the journey filled with wonder, excitement and accomplishment.

Whether it be a New Year, a new job, a new relationship, a new challenge within life’s limitations and changes, or whatever life may bring to us, every ending is always a new beginning.

So resolve to “Begin Again” and the journey will be worth it.

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