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The term “BEE CARVEFUL” was coined by Michael Keller years ago. Michael and the Wood Bee Carver became friends via the internet through an article he wrote in a trade newspaper in his home state of Washington. On his blog and web site he coined the word “carveful” and developed it into a humorous and yet serious definition as he has written:

Carveful/Carvefully Defined. As found in the Keller Carving Dictionary – First Edition

Carveful adj 1. Full of or expressing deep positive feeling about carving (profoundly emotional in a positive way); 2. Feeling, causing, or indicating joy through carving; 3. Being in good spirits while carving; 4. Cautious in the application of carving;  5.  Thorough and painstaking in  the execution of carving;   .  – Carvefully adj. – Carvefulness n.

Adding to his sense of humor with a serious intent he also stated: “IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE Woodcarving and whittling may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.  Carving is enjoyable and you may be prone to sharing it with others; thus causing them to experience the same distractions from less pleasant tasks as you may experience yourself.” (written by Michael Keller)

Like all of us wood carvers who march on kicking and screaming towards the twilight zone of getting older, he no longer publishes his web site and blog while curtailing much of his carving activity while donating books, wood and tools to his local carving club.

The Wood Bee Carver THANKS his good friend Michael Keller for his CARVEFUL creativity and friendship over the years.

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