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The Bear Creek Hobo in the photograph above was carved using a Scimitar knife made by Mickey Gaines of the Bear Creek Blades. The knife was made in the continuation of the tradition of knives made by the late Ralph E. Long.

Ralph E. Long made exceptional carving knives for twenty years until his death on April 6, 2015. In 2006  carving friends gave me two Ralph E. Long Knives which introduced me to their superior carving ability. Subsequently I ordered additional knives from his catalog and fell in love with his WH 8 Scimitar blade shaped knife. In 2009 I carved a pirate for Ralph using only that Scimitar knife as in the posting Long Knife Pirate. We became fast friends through phone conversation. Ralph E. Long was my very special knife making friend who made Superior Carving Knives in which he invested his creative gifts of the heart into each knife he made which was his special magic. Even though we never met face to face, yet he was a kindred spirit whose generosity of spirit came through our phone conversations and the knives he made especially for me. His lovely wife Dot is just as gracious as it is apparent that they mirrored each other in their love and character. Each time I carve with a REL knife there is an appreciation for having known him from a distance and yet close to the heart of friendship.

The tradition and reputation of Ralph E. Long Knives will continue on through the capable hands of Mickey Gaines of Bear Creek Blades. Mickey purchased the REL Knife making business and will soon be in production of the same quality carving knives that satisfied carving customers experience through Ralph.

Mickey sent me a Scimitar knife he made to evaluate and test and the results are evident in the photographs of a variety of carvings carved with the one knife pictured in the photographs below.

BCB REL 003                    BCB REL 004BCB REL 005                    BCB REL 006BCB REL 007BCB REL 008BCB REL 009

The next series of photographs are of a variety  carvings including a Whittle Dwarf, a Santa jewelry pin and an Old Geezer.

          BCB REL 002bear creek blades 002bear creek blades 003bear creek blades 004

Mickey learned well from his association with Ralph in that the knife he made is just like the quality knife that Ralph was noted for making. When Mickey reaches full production an appropriate announcement will be made. Thanks Mickey for continuing the memory and reputation of Ralph E. Long alive through knife making.

Ralph E. Long




Ralph E. Long

November 10, 1931 – April 6, 2015



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