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The Wood Bee Carver is primarily a knife carver who enjoys the challenge of using only knives to carve various projects.  Relief carving is a challenge of combining a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface using a variety of slicing knife blade cuts. A profile image of Abraham Lincoln was Relief-Carved on a Mahogany block four inches tall, two and a quarter inch wide and three quarters of inch thick.


The two photos above show the relief carving at different angles as well as showing the back foot that allows the relief carving to stand up.  Howard Feed-N-Wax was applied to the Mahogany as its final finish.


The knives used in this project were five home made knives using salvaged pocket knife blades affixed in Mahogany whittled handles.  The Wood Bee Carver from time to time likes to experiment with making carving knives for his own use and as an extension of the carving process.  The intent in these blade designs is to get the most slicing capability and maneuverability of function in the carving process.  Notice that all of the blades have a curved cutting edge which provides greater versatility in the slicing and carving action.  Using only a knife in the carving process is to become very familiar with the slicing action of a particular blade by getting to know its uses by exploring all the ways the blade can be uses. This is why it is suggested to do a twenty minute a day work out by choosing one tool and experiment with that tool in making cuts in a block of wood to discover what all that tool can do in shaping the wood surface.

Thanks to my good friend David Neff who gave me the Mahogany wood for carving projects as well as making knife handles. Good friends, sharp knives and carving wood are what makes the carving experience a delightful journey.






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