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A BIRDIEA BIRDIE“A BIRDIE” is a play on a golfing term for shooting one under par.  However, if one is unfamiliar with golf, the term “a birdie” is confusing in that there is no actual “bird” involved in golf unless the golfer accidentally hits a flying bird with a golf ball.  The humor depicted in this carving is the exaggeration of a birdie hatching out of a golf ball. 

A BIRDIEA BIRDIE is being carved out of a two inch square block of basswood to meet the requirements of a miniature by fitting within a two inch cube.  Some think a miniature is harder to carve than a larger carving but in reality it may be easier in that there is less wood to remove and one can get to the design a little quicker.  Miniatures are a challenge, but then what carving is not a challenge.  After all, is that not what carving is all about in that the carver is always seeking to stretch one ability and grow with carving subjects.  As I often say, “Woodcarving is the journey more than the destination,” meaning that it is in the actual carving process that the carver receives the greatest enjoyment rather than when the carving is completed.

A BIRDIEA BIRDIEA BIRDIEA BIRDIEThe carving is being carved to the basic form and shape of the design as these photographs present several views.  Even though the WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver, yet there are some carving projects in which “real carving tools” are used.  Such is the case with this carving as various gouges are being used to shape this carving to form.


The six preceding photographs give a complete circular view of this carving which was carved over a two day period with approximately seven to eight hours of carving time.  One thing about the carving “journey” is that the carver does not keep track of the time. The common question asked is “how long did it take you to carve this?” as if the length of time adds to or takes away from the significance of the carving.  When a carver is having fun,  time is of little consequence as carving time is always time well invested.  In actuality, this particular carving  took thirty years to complete in that the idea for this carving originated in 1978.  It rolled around and was turned over and over in my subconscious for all these years before it actually came to reality in the actual carving time of seven to eight hours.  How long did it take then would be calculated as thirty years and eight hours.


These close up views show the expression on the face of the golfer that depicts astonishment.  This being a caricature, the birdie and golf ball shell are larger that reality to add to the exaggeration of the scene.  The next series of photographs will take another panoramic journey around the carving.


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