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Scott King, publisher of the CutleryNewsJournal, recently interviewed me on the subject of WHITTLING.  The interview may be viewed by visiting .  I am very honored to be able to share my ideas about Whittling with those interested in collecting antique pocket knives.

WHITTLING KNIFETen or twelve years ago our local carving group asked the organizer of a knife show that was meeting in our area if we could come for one day and demonstrate whittling and carving.  He was thrilled that we would want to do so and even asked if we would organize and conduct a “whittling contest” for the show and he would donate two pocket knives to the winners.  Our carving group decided to have a letter opener as the subject for the whittling contest since letter openers have a blade.  We carved up some examples of letter openers, wrote guidelines for how to whittle a letter opener along with photographs and supplied basswood sticks for the contest.  Read the rest of this entry »