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mountain manmountain man 2

A commission to carve two Mountain Men just alike using a photograph of a clay sculpture of a mountain man became a welcome challenge. Every carving project is a learning piece with its own built in challenges. One challenge during the planning and imagining stage is to make the transition of carving a three dimensional figure based upon a two dimensional image with only one view. Three dimensional is to see the project with an “in the round perspective” while a two dimensional image is a “flat perspective.” Another challenge is to try to keep the carving as close to the original image that was a clay sculpture which means two mediums “clay” and “wood” create different surface textures and color renditions. Read the rest of this entry »


The CAN-TIN Shop

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              Can-Tin Shop

The “CAN-TIN Shop” carving inside a glass block window is kind of like a ship in a bottle, only not as intricate. This is a commission from a person who wanted a sheet metal worker working at a sheet metal machine carved inside a glass block window. This carving is a simplified interpretation of that concept where the viewer uses imagination to tell the story. This project was an assembly of parts that had to be small enough to fit through the oval opening. Epoxy and super glue were used to build up the assembly. The five inch tall man is wearing a “skull cap” that old time metal workers and mechanics often wore to cover the top of their head. The simple interpretation of the machine is to imply that it is bending the sheet of metal (tin) – once again imagination reads more into the scene than is actually there. Read the rest of this entry »


CCA MERIT AWARD ~ Recent Recipients

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Caricature Carvers of America Merit Awards are presented by any CCA Members who participates in a carving show and recognizes a carver who demonstrates the characteristics of advancing Caricature Carving as an art form through their carving display. Below are photographs of recent Merit Award Presentations.

Mike Whitter CCA Merit Award Northe Alabama show            Jean McDonald 1

Steve Brown presents CCA Merit Award to Mike Whitter at the North Alabama Carving Show, Huntsville, AL. in the first photo and in the second photo Don Mertz presents the CCA Merit Award to Jean MacDonald at the Sauder Village Carving Show, Archbold, OH Read the rest of this entry »


SURVIVOR STUDENTS ~ Woodcraft Store Class

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            woodcraft class


Seven students participated in a one day class at the Woodcraft Store, Dayton on November 21, 2015. Survivor Students pictured above (first row, left to right) Sharon Spencer, Kim Foister, Gavin Wright, (second row, left to right) Sherman Weaver, Carl Wright, Joshua Spencer, David Neff and Don Mertz, the WOOD BEE CARVER. Read the rest of this entry »


SPOOLS BY Dale Kirkpatrick

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Dale Kirkpatrick

Dale Kirkpatrick is a master at carving wooden thread spools and has a great variety to view by visiting  SPOOLS

Dale is a versatile carver and is a carving friend who in an inspiration for carving ideas.  Thanks Dale.


UNCLE SAM ~ Theme Knife

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Helvie DaytonHelvie DaytonHelvie Dayton

One of the Artistry in Wood banquet raffle prizes is a commemorative Helvie Knife and knife holder using the theme of Uncle Sam. This project was a collaborative effort between Don Stephenson, artist, Rich Smithson, Helvie Knife Maker and Don Mertz, carver of knife holder. Read the rest of this entry »


AIW Banquet Raffle Prize

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                                    Helvie Dayton

Artistry in Wood Show, Dayton, OH, November 14 and 15 will host a banquet on Saturday night which will include Raffle Prizes. One of those prizes is a Helvie Knife made by Rich Smithson who also wood burned the art design on the cherry handle. He utilized the art drawing ideas of Uncle Sam drawn by Don Stephenson of the Dayton Carving Club. The Uncle Sam knife holder was carved by the Wood Bee Carver, Don Mertz. Read the rest of this entry »


JEAN McDonald ~ CCA Merit Award

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                          Jean McDonald 1

Jean McDonald of Liberty Center, Ohio was presented with a Caricature Carvers of America Merit Award at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show in Archbold, Ohio on October 24, 2015. The CCA Merit Award is presented by a CCA Member to a carver who demonstrates the qualities of caricature carving as an art form. The vast variety of caricature carvings gracing Jean’s display table at the woodcarving show demonstrates her creative ability. Jean has been a student of a variety of carving instructors and is extending her carving talents by teaching wood carving seminars at the John C. Campbell School in North Carolina. Congratulations to Jean upon receiving this well-deserved recognition as a caricature carver.

Jean McDonald 3Jean McDonald 2