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Whittle DoodleA Whittle Doodle is doodling with a knife to decorate a block of wood with free hand Whittle Carvings. Since it is doodling there is no preset plan or overall design for the random carvings done to fill in the spaces in a block of wood. There is a combination of a variety of carved faces and free hand chip carving all done in the Whittle-Carving style. The Whittle Doodle was carved into a two inch cube of basswood and finished with Raw Sienna artist oil paint color thinned with boiled linseed oil followed by an application of Deft, a brushing lacquer and then Howard Feed N Wax. Read the rest of this entry »


BUD MURRAY ~ Premium Knife

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Murray KnifeBud Murray is well known for his quality carving knives and tools that he has been making for many years. It has been my pleasure to recommend his knives that he has made according to my design because each knife is a great carving tool. Each knife is made one at a time by the hand and creative eye of Bud who puts pride in each tool he makes as if he was making it for himself. If fact that is how it all began with making tools for his own use and after others tried his own personal knife, the orders for custom made knives grew into a custom knife making business one knife at a time.

Recently Bud has been experimenting with new tool steel that will hold a sharp cutting edge for a long, long time. He made a knife for me out of the new steel to field test for him which was used in carving the hillbilly figure in the photos. From start to finish the new steel preformed with extreme sharpness and remained so throughout the entire carving project. This new Premium Knife is the real deal. Even though his original knives and gouges remain super carving tools, yet the new Premium Knife is well worth the extra cost for any carver who would like a knife to retains its sharpness over a long period of use before requiring the use of a strop.

Murray Hillbilly          Murray Hillbilly          Murray Hillbilly

The new Premium Knife as well as other Bud Murray tools can be ordered through his catalog printed below with information on how to contact him. Read the rest of this entry »



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Whittle DoodleWhittle Doodle

A Whittle Doodle is doodling with a knife to decorate a block of wood with free hand Whittle Carvings. Since it is doodling there is no preset plan or overall design for the random carvings done to fill in the spaces in a block of wood. Read the rest of this entry »



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                              MVWC show

Miami Valley Woodcarving Show, March 7 and 8 in Middletown, Ohio at Christ United Methodist Church, corner of Grand Ave. and Marshall. Come see one of the best medium size show with top notch carvers showing spectacular carvings along with demonstrations, vendors and the friendliest group of people waiting to greet each visitor.  Don Worley is the featured artist.



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Relief SWrelief side winder

The SIDE WINDER and SIDE WINDER II were put to the test to do a small relief carving in a quilt square block measuring four inches by four inches and three eights inch thick. The relief is of a log cabin with a tree to one side and grass and bushes in front. The photograph visual tutorial will show each Side Winder blade positioned on the completed carving to simulate the part of the blade making a particular cut on that portion of the relief picture. Read the rest of this entry »


STU MARTIN Suffers Loss

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Stu MartinStu Martin, a carving friend to the entire carving community suffered a great loss when his truck containing all his carvings, rough outs, tools and teaching supplies were stolen in January while in Texas for woodcarving shows and seminars. His truck was found the next day by police but all his carvings and seminar supplies were never recovered. If by chance anyone sees someone trying to sell Stu Martin’s carving, rough outs or tools, on the internet or elsewhere let Stu know by calling 316-794-2678 . The photo is of Stu teaching me at War Eagle Seminars around 1996 ~ he is a great teacher and carving friend.


WHITTLE DOODLE for Helvie Charity Raffle

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Whittle Doodle The photograph of the WHITTLE DOODLE is presented here as an introduction to a special contribution by HELVIE KNIVES. Each year Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of Helvie Knives make a significant contribution to a charity raffle by providing a presentation box of Helvie knives as the raffle prize.

This year, 2015, they will donate all the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Knives made by HELVIE KNIVES in a cherry presentation box decorated with the art work of Don Stephenson that is wood burned by Rich Smithson. The WOOD BEE CARVER has carved a commemorative Whittle Doodle to be included with all the knives in the presentation box. In the very near future an official announcement will be made about the recipient of the charity gift as well as information of how to purchase raffle tickets and the date of the raffle drawing.

Thanks to the Smithson family for their generosity of love and compassion in this very unique way of sharing the heart and soul behind their knife making business. HELVIE KNIVES.

[Photo composition by Carole Williams ~ webmaster of www.daytoncarvers.com]


GOOD SHEPHERD ~ A Carving Journey

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good shepherd good shepherd good shepherd

This photographic journey is of two interpretations of the Good Shepherd. The first series of photographs is the first one carved. The beginning basswood block was nine inches tall, three inches wide and two inches deep. Five HELVIE Knives were used in the carving of each Good Shepherd. Knives used were Signature Series # 10 ~ Hornet Bee, #13 ~ Bumble Bee, # 14 ~ Wasp Bee, #16 ~ Side Winder Bee, and # 17 ~ Side Winder II Bee. (See postings about the use of Side Winder knives December 16   and January 3.) Read the rest of this entry »