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KILROY WAS HERE“Kilroy Was Here” became a cartoon  graffiti figure during World War Two.  Carving an interpretation of this nostalgic bit of humor becomes a fun project.  In this relief carving the caricature appears within a frame.  The background, pupils and fence outline was wood  burned to provide a contrast in this basswood carving.

KILROY WAS HEREThis Kilroy was carved in a basswood thread spool that will become a part of a friendship cane.  In this presentation carved on a circular surface it appears that Kilroy is peering over the edge of a barrel.  The outline around his head is “whittle-doodling” to give a contrast of surfaces.


These three photographs show the other faces carved in the “Kilroy Was Here” wooden spool.  The top and bottom rim of the spool was carved to appear to be a rope.  Under the top rim there is a row of triangle chip carvings and the framing around the faces were decorated with other “whittle-doodles.” This wood spool carving is an example of doodling with a knife.  Doodling and carving when combined become a caricature in its own right.

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On the Split Personality comment I guess I need to start reading the blurb at the top about moderation. 🙂

I really love your whittle-doodles! One day I’m going to get up the courage to try one myself.


June 13th, 2009 at 8:42 am

Thanks Bob. “Whittle Doodles” have and continue to be fun for me to do. I hope you will have fun also “doodling with a knife.”

June 13th, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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