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 Hugh O’Neal of Munford, Alabama is a carving friend whom I met two years ago while teaching a carving class at Charlie Leverett’s Northeast Alabama carving studio.  Hugh is a good example of the benefit of participating in a carving class in that he was inspired to grow in his carving abilities.  Already an accomplished carver in his own right, Hugh learned a couple of “door opening” lessons that led him into his own room of creativity.  The WOOD BEE CARVER’s method of teaching is to teach the “how-to’s and the method” while each student carves his own style.  Hugh has done just that by taking a few of the simple step-by-step procedures to transpose his imagination into a very artist style as is evident by the photographs that follow.

 Hugh participated in an Art Show November 20, 2010 in Winterboro, Alabama in a restored Masonic Lodge, Plank Road Station.  The photographs show his table display of  the variety of carvings that he has created recently.   Subsequent photos will show more of his display table and then there will be a photo trail of individual carvings to give a close up view of his unique style of carving human figures.










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