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Gary Kersey is the author of the historical information presented in this blog, primarily about the Congressional Funeral Delegation standing in front of Abraham Lincoln’s Springfield, Illinois home.

Gary is passionate about Abraham Lincoln and all persons and events related in any way or another to President Lincoln. Such a passion compels him to make exhaustive research into uncharted streams of history to ferret out the most interesting historical discoveries. To say that Gary is like a kid in the proverbial candy store when it comes to history is to make an understatement for his enthusiasm abounds with excitement. Thus his public presentations of historical research are greeted with a hungering appreciation for history coming to life.

Gary is a life long resident of Clinton County, Ohio living on the family farm near the little town of Port William. Port William was the home of Little Gib, a young child who was a drummer boy in the Union Army enlisting with his father, uncles and neighbors. Since 1978 Mr. Kersey has been involved in the Real Estate and Auction business serving as Past President of the Ohio Auctioneers Association.

Mr. Kersey is a graduate of Wilmington High School, Wilmington College and received a Masters Degree from Wright State University. Upon graduation he taught for ten years American History in Wilmington Junior High School. During that time he designed a comprehensive unit on the American Civil War that included all subjects. The “seeds” of history sprouted deep within his soul blossoming into an unending journey of historical discoveries about Abraham Lincoln.

For the American Bi-Centennial he wrote a two act play entitled, “Lincoln’s Last Hour,” which has been performed numerous times, including at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The play performances have been sold out with the profits given to community projects. In recognition for such generosity and expertise Mr. Kersey has received the Rotary’s Paul Harris Award and the Daughters of American Revolution National Community Service Award (George Clinton Chapter).

Mr. Kersey’s admiration and interest in Abraham Lincoln and Civil Was history has compelled him to leave no page of history’s discovery unturned. He is an active participant in the Civil War Institute of Gettysburg College and has been honored to give lectures to this elite group several times over the past 27 years. Gabor S. Boritt, Director of the Institute and noted author of The Gettysburg Gospel kindly recommended him to speak in 2007 at Lincoln’s Boyhood Home National Park in Indiana.

Gary Kersey’s recent research of Lincoln has led him to areas heretofore little explored. In particular the Congressional Delegation at Lincoln’s Funeral and Lincoln’s pardon of a Soldier (Peter Gilmer) of the 62nd Pennsylvania Regiment. Authors Tom Lowry, Don’t Shoot That Boy and Tom Wheeler, Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails have been very complimentary of the research and findings about Peter Gilmer of Pittsburgh. Most recent speaking engagements included addresses to the Western Pennsylvania Genealogy Society at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh and the Huguenot Society of California, the La Rochelle Chapter.

Gary is honored to share his historical discoveries in formal and informal presentations, through his writings and through sharing his commissioned Lincoln’s Springfield Home built to scale and the carved wooden historical figures who make up the Congressional Funeral Delegation presented in this Blog.

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