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As a service to visitors of this blog site who would like to establish there own BLOG I would like to pass on an easy way to set up and maintain a BLOG.

My very good friend  and web-master, Ed Black,  who helped me establish this blog is offering an on-line service for establishing and maintaining one’s own blog. will open the door to the adventure of blogging one’s hobby, interests and opinions.  The monthly fee of $9.95 will provide everything one needs to begin blogging and maintain the blog with technological assistance and instruction.

I am most appreciative to Ed for all the help and guidance he has given me since I began this blog site last year on November 30, 2007.  At that time I knew nothing about domain names, blog sites or site design, but with Ed’s help any visitor to this site can see what can be accomplished.

Visit to see what is available and if interested sign up with a month’s money back trial.  Blogging is easier than one may think and made so by the good service of CMR-BlogHost and Ed Black.